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Here's the Problem

You may have seen the government file lawsuits against many generic pharmaceutical manufactures for price-fixing. Almost overnight, the prices for patients skyrocketed and dermatologists were put in a difficult place. Even with the lawsuits, many of the prices have remained financially unattainable for countless patients. Why should patients have to choose between obtaining medicine they need and putting food on the table?

Our Solution

Meet Skin Medicinals – by dermatologists, for dermatologists and their patients. Skin Medicinals represents a coming together of the field of dermatology in order to better provide care for our patients. Medications should NOT be cost-prohibitive. Society should NOT allow companies to exploit patients for profit. With over 100,000 patients served, we CAN make a difference.

How It Works

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    Pharmacy Benefit Managers + Pharmacies
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    Dermatologists +
    Skin Medicinals Platform

Skin Medicinals donates a portion of proceeds to non-profits supporting dermatology and its patients.