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What is 503B compliance?

The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) created a pathway for pharmacy compounders to be registered with the FDA as outsourced 503B compounding facilities.

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The Problem
Violating FDA regulations

Many prescribers use 503A pharmacies (usually local pharmacies) for their in-office use products.

However, almost all of those pharmacies are violating FDA regulations by compounding in-office products. 503B Pharmacies are the only compliant option for dispensing products for in-office use, and there are less than 100 in the USA.

The Solution
Obtain Products Through SM Compliantly

Skin Medicinals has created a simple, compliant way for our community to obtain these products online. You can now easily order our 503B-compliant products through the Skin Medicinals portal.

Instead of having to call the pharmacy, you can now order in-office products in less than a minute

At Skin Medicinals, we will always look out for our prescribers, and make sure we are protecting you by offering compliant and easy ways to obtain the in-office products you need daily.

ONLY $90 for 100mL
BLT Numbing Cream
Benzocaine 20% · Lidocaine 6% · Tetracaine 4%
Versabase with Airless Pump & an extended beyond use date
The first of many 503B in-office use products is our affordable BLT Numbing Cream. It is compounded in a high-quality and effective Versabase with an extended beyond use date.
Instead of a tub, it comes in our new Airless Pump for consistent easy use.