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Skin Medicinals provides access to compounded ingredients, personalized to you. Whether it's hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, eczema, or a host of other conditions, Skin Medicinals provides options not available elsewhere. Real people, Real Results.


Skin Medicinals was created to provide patients with access to science–based, compounded topical medications along with customized acne and anti-aging products at affordable prices. We strive to provide high quality compounded medications for every patient utilizing the expertise of their physicians.

Our core was derived from a belief that innovation and access should drive Dermatology. We believe that all patients should have access to high quality topical medications that meet their unique needs, and their physicians should have the ability to prescribe these medications without the hindrance of insurance coverage governing their prescribing decisions.

Our central focus will always be on providing all patients with access to high quality compounded medications at an affordable price. Skin Medicinals was founded to empower physicians to use their expertise to prescribe compounded topical medications to better treat their patients. 

Your physician has years of knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to facilitate physicians in creating tailored prescriptions that treat your specific needs, No prior authorizations, No surprise costs, just results.   

How it works

Step 1

Your physician will evaluate you in the office.  

Step 2

Your physician then selects specific compounded topical medications needed to improve your condition.  

Step 3

You will be contacted to provide your billing & shipping information and your medicine is shipped directly to you! 

*Skin Medicinals does not practice medicine or pharmacy. Instead, all prescriptions are written by independent physicians and are filled by licensed pharmacies. Skin Medicinals does forward prescriptions to a licensed compounding pharmacy. Prescriptions can also be filled by the pharmacy of patient’s choice. This site will be limited to US healthcare providers and patients.

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